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> "...Yo, I'm CLERIC."

> [He/Him | Adult | UK]

> [Cleric#6962]

> Hey, my name is Cleric. I live in the UK, and in my free time I'm often found drawing, making music, or playing videogames. Sometimes I like to cook.> I'm a Newgrounder through and through, that's usually where I post my content. But if I'm proud of it, I'll crosspost to Twitter too.

> Huge thanks to @G0THPUNKS on Twitter for helping me with Carrd!

> [Doing 1337 HAXX0R shit]

> "So, who's your favorite musician?"
> I'm a diehard fan of Kawai Sprite - my pages make it look very obvious to those who look LMAO
> "What games are you into?"
> I love rhythm games, but I'll enjoy anything slow-paced and calm. Maybe one day I'll stop being a bitch and get back into shooters like TF2. Social games like VRChat are fun too.
> "What shows/media do you like?"
> That's tough. Clearly I love the Tankmen series, but I go through interests so quickly it's hard to keep track of all the things I like. I did just watch The Batman (2022) though, and that was amazing.
> "Got any pets?"
> Oh yeah, definitely. I have two cats! I also have three robot dogs, but I don't know if those count ahah.
> "Any fun facts about yourself?"
> Eh, not really. I've gotten decent at making vrchat avatars though :)



> My Twitter page is full of random stuff I find interesting or worth talking about - sometimes I might share content that might be uncomfortable/triggering to people, including:

[Insects][Drug Use][Eyestrain]
[Blood/Gore*][Body Horror*][Uncanny Valley]
[Smoking][Current Events][FNF]


> If we are friends or mutuals and there's anything you have an issue seeing, please let me know and I'll do my best to mark it with a Content Warning for you.

> Additionally, I do my best to keep my pages SFW but I have no control over the content of the people I follow. I will NEVER intentionally retweet or share NSFW content to my public pages.


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> You don't need to give me anything, but if you do, I'd greatly appreciate it!

> Dirk Prowler

> Main Fursona
> Dumb idiot cat
> Banned from most Chuck E. Cheese locations for an unknown reason, yet still sneaks in somehow.

> Anarchie

> Secondary Fursona
> Fursuit character
> Sabertooth tiger, but also a wolf?
> Has been caught drinking glowstick fluid before
> Screams too much

> Pvt. Lunar

> Lunatic sniper
> "Straight"
> (Madly in love with the enemy sniper)
> Can't see without his glasses
> Double agent.

> Lyx "Pixie" Styx

> Failed experiment
> "Explosive sound"
> No thoughts, head empty.
> Homeless, lives in a dumpster and eats from old tuna cans


> Here's a couple of my main characters!> Sure, I have a shit ton more, but these are the dudes I draw the most.